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TORONICS by D.Levi Wing

TORONICS by D.Levi Wing

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by , 11-17-2006 at 03:37 PM (9509 Views)
The Mystery of Mass:
Mass is a term that all of us believe we have some degree of understanding. The fact is however, we use the numbers and follow the procedures without a true understanding of inertia and the term we've come to know as "Rest Mass". Many have come to visualize mass as a physical quantity of nature and that this quantity can be converted to a non-physical quantity of nature called "Energy". Richard Feynman, though not the first to note this mystery, stated in his book, "QED, The Strange Theory of Light and Matter":

"Throughout this entire story there remains one especially unsatisfactory feature - the observed masses of the particles, "m". There is no theory that adequately explains these numbers. We use the numbers in all our theories, but we don’t understand them – what they are, or where they come from. I believe that from a fundamental point of view, this is a very interesting and serious problem."

One of the surprising and unexpected consequences of the Toronic concept was a solution of the term "m" (mass) in both the general equation for energy of particles (Rest mass) and that of Einstein's equations for radiant energy (Relativistic mass). Though the solution is extremely simple, it reaches into every aspect of Quantum and Relativity theories. It also poses a disturbing consequence; we may be using a term that is not truly representing physical quantities of a physical substance of nature, but only providing a comparison of structured fundamental particle units of matter; though, even this, is without a true reference.

The Toronic approach realized a fundamental redundancy in the mathematics that needed to be addressed.

For the conservation laws of physics to hold true, no isolated physical system may loose any quantity of motion regardless of the interactive events of collision or any other process.

This preordains "energy" and "mass" not only to be interchangeable, but also to be identical in nature. Mass is not a true physical measure of the quantity of a fundamental substance; it is more indicative of a measure of the "Potential Energy" of structured systems of matter; thus both are mathematical terms for energy and thus motion is "ABSOLUTE". Electrons have "Absolute motion"; protons have "Absolute motion"; neutrons have "Absolute motion", and the universe has "Absolute motion". The motion quantity of any system equates to "Absolute motion". For all our conservation laws to work, only motion and the finite quantity of matter needs to be conserved; Energy is a measure of matter in its various states of interactions and its motions; To be more precise, it is the change in, or state of, the distribution of motion of a physical entity. We are able to make an object redistribute its motion within the system, however we are not allowed to cause an object to increase or decrease its quantity of motion - only its quantity of substance can be altered.

Absolute (adj) Perfect in quality or nature; complete.

This is the first definition in The American Heritage Dictionary for the word absolute. In mathematics we reduce equations until no further reduction is possible; we have reached the absolute simplest form of the equation possible. In physics, it is desirable to reduce phenomena to pure cause-and-effect explanations through an understanding of fundamental absolutes.

Many believe that anything that is "absolute" is also axiomatic; if this were so, we would be traveling between the stars and exploring the Milkyway. Unfortunately nature has a magic act of smoke and mirrors that exceeds David Copperfield's best performances. Each time we think we know the trick, it seems the rules of nature change to hide the truth from us. Some believe this is just our inability to observe nature close enough to see her slight-of-hand or hidden mirrors. Others simply believe our brains are incapable of comprehending something as complex as the universe from the macro-world of cosmology to the micro-world of subatomic particles. This latter group may be disappointed!

The Paradigm of Absolutes:
There are objective fundamentals that all mathematical theories should, and most do, reduce their terms. These fundamentals form a paradigm of reality used to form judgments as to the nature of our interpretations of the mathematics. The tendency is to say that the interpretation is logical, makes sense, or is common sense. This is the responsibility of the right side of the brain.

Unfortunately our sense of logic can be influenced and lead astray by false comments when they are made by people we consider being more knowledgeable and experienced than ourselves. Often this comes in the form of a misquoted comment by media people or comments taken out of contexts. This has occurred extensively with publications and visual media involving Relativity and Quantum theories. The most common abuse of this comes in the form of hype promoted by those attempting to attract interest in the subject or a product being sold. This could be anything from the sale of a book, the sale of a college course, or even the sale of one self (a resume).

The paradigms used to form our interpretations of nature and form judgments, must be absolute and axiomatic when ever possible. They must also provide the analogy of cause-and-effect. Any concept or theory that cannot achieve this paradigm is at best incomplete. Unfortunately our standard models fall into this incomplete category even though they are highly accurate theories mathematically. These absolutes do not permit arbitrarily assigning attributes and properties to matter in order to explain observed phenomena or to create an abstract mathematical term. Assigning the term "gravity" to be a function of mass should not be interpreted as "Gravity is a property of matter". The same is true for other mathematically assigned terms like energy, charge, strong force, weak force, and magnetic force; they are not properties of matter. We have made great advances in science and technology even though we have yet to achieve the ideal paradigm.

Mathematical terms are derived from measured phenomena and thus the terms are said to be dimensions. How something goes from being a measured quantity to being interpreted as something beyond or as a coexisting dimension within our universe is quite confusing. This tends to give validity to those who proclaim other plains of existence and converts science into another concept of mysticism. It would appear that some are not pleased with current definitions in dictionaries and text books and tend to add their own meaning to give more mystery to the ordinarily mundane rigors of science.

It has always been the desire of scientist to define nature in pure mechanical cause-and-effect principles. The addition of the concept of "Absolute Motion" may provide the final key to achieving this goal. All the other absolutes are not new ideas; they are only revised or restated old ones.

If our paradigm of science philosophy is in error, then our interpretations of the science of measurement and its data are in error.

Absolute Space:
There was a time in mans ancient history that the vacuum of space provoked the image of some location or volume devoid of all physical entities. Throughout the past century, science has come to recognize the physical nature of this vacuum and evolved it to be denoted as an entity called spacetime by Relativity Theory. The original notion of an absolutely empty and devoid of all physical entities concept is however, still valid and we can call this "Absolute Space". To prevent further confusion however, let's just call it "the Void" or "a Void". Within this universe we do not seem to be able to produce a true void condition.

Void and space are synonymous for vacuum, so we need to revise our vacuum definition to exclude the word void as a synonym. A vacuum, like space, is defined as a mathematical region or volume described by spacetime geometry (4D Special Relativity). Unfortunately this destroys our beautiful concept of nothingness and emptiness due to the phenomena of mass that distorts, warps, and bends space (General Relativity). Maybe if we travel beyond the limits of our universe into the cosmos, we may find the idealized emptiness of a true void. There is however, the possibility that we may be able to create this condition in our labs someday. As it stands, this volume of the void is occupied by our universe so we have limitations placed upon us by nature. What we call space or a vacuum is a physical entity of substance.

This next absolute is included due to the many misinterpretations brought about by attempts to explain its use in Relativity and the oddities inferred by mathematical terms that show it to be an entity of the universe.

Absolute Time:
What time is it? You look at the clock and say, 7:44. Of course we already know if it's AM or PM. We say we know what time is – but do we really? If we go to the dictionary for a definition, we find in order to define time; it requires a great deal of the page and many clarifications. Again the preferred definition is the first one.

Time (n) a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

If we remover the word "apparently", this definition is "Absolute Time". It is a definition we use to communicate events and motions during generalized discussions. There is really no beginning or starting point for the "time continuum vector", but we usually consider the Big Bang event as the start of time for our universe.

Now, the problem with time comes not when we communicate motion, but when we try to measure motion. To perform a measurement of the motion of an object, we require a reference; a physical object with cyclic motion events; time does not have substance nor does it have volume. Tic-tock tick-tock; our reference ends up being a physical object with all the anomalies of all physical objects and we call it a "clock". Motion affects the physical character of material objects. Lorentz and others recognized this and created equations to compensate for this phenomenon. Einstein has taken it a step further and created a complete geometry for space and time and called it "The Spacetime Continuum". If we perform measurements that require extreme accuracy and accountability for the data, we must use Relativity to compensate for the inadequacy of our time reference. Since the equations do not exclude time reversal or time acceleration, the SiFi writers and some scientist proclaimed that Einstein states in his theory of Relativity that "Time Travel" is possible. It is not always wise to literally interpret mathematical terms as reality.

Newton produced his works within the framework of a single immutable concept of time. There are no physical devices or objects in the universe capable of truly representing this concept of time under all conditions of motion and therefore we use Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” to allow us to perform comparative measurements of motion. The mathematics we use to do this however; produces illusions that time itself is an entity of the universe when interpreted literally – it is NOT. Time, like any measured phenomena is referred to as being a dimension. We do not elevate length, width, and depth to entity status; why would we elevate time to such a status?

Time is a pure abstract concept created to allow us to communicate the notion of moving objects. Without a constant repetitive motion situation, we are unable to truly define “Absolute Time” by using a physical reference. The Toronic concept, like Newton, uses the concept of a universal time or “Absolute Time”. Applying Toronic concepts to scientific measurements however, will still require the use of Relativity or the requirements of quantum physics. Absolute time only shows that the illusion of time travel is only in the interpretation of the math and not a product of reality.

Absolute Time as a mathematical term, is a one-dimensional invariant expanding vector – it only proceeds forward and its point of reference is always the present even though we never truly experience the exact present point. Forget about the grandfather paradox or righting the wrongs of the past. Past events cannot be changed and no physical entity can move from the present to the past or future regardless of the velocity of the object. Time travel is an overrated illusion produced by the mathematical modeling process just as time dilation is. To an observer, physical clocks would behave as the mathematics predict and the aging process may change but not due to a true slowing of absolute time. These are the result of the effects of motion and not the result of a variable time entity that changes its cyclic increment relative to motion. Clocks do that!

The mind has the ability to carry our thoughts beyond the limits imposed by nature on our science of measurement. When using this marvelous ability of the mind, we should not carry our thoughts beyond the limits of nature itself. This should only be applied to our SiFi entertainment fantasies. Our greatest problem here is knowing the limits of nature.

Absolute Matter:
Unlike time and space, matter does not have an intuitive axiomatic concept or definition. Again let’s see the dictionary definition.

Matter (n) Something that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses; a physical body or the universe as a whole. Physics; An entity displaying gravitation and inertia when at rest as well as when in motion.

This definition implies an intuitive understanding of our universe and infers that matter cannot exist without displaying gravitation and inertia at some condition of rest and motion. Let's provide an absolute definition for matter and state that "Matter is the fundamental substance of the universe". This doesn't seem to invoke awe and amazement, but it does invoke a vision of something that everything is made of and this is the only physical stuff of the universe. As such we must redefine our notions of mass and energy.

Absolute Matter (n) The fundamental substance of which all physical entities acquire form and existence. Only the Void exists as a separate entity within an infinite cosmos.

To assign physical properties to a phenomena under this definition, you need to define the physical (physics) mechanics of actions and interaction of matter. This demands cause-and-effect, as opposed to only using empirical data of measurements in producing a mathematical equation to allow us to predict events and motions of material objects. This basically was science before the proliferation of positivism and the abuse of Relativity by media and pseudo science.

Absolute Space, and Absolute Matter, are the fundamental absolutes that define real existence. Absolute Time is a conceptual absolute needed to define our next two absolutes - the properties of matter.

Absolute Bonding:
Matter has its own bonding. It does not require the existence of any Elmore's Glue-All or any gluon particle to have it stick to itself; it only requires contact to exist for this bonding property to take effect. Obviously motion plays a significant role in determining the bonding effectiveness and strength. Besides contact, the points of interface contact must equate to near zero relative motion. Think of two spheres of fundamental matter rotating in opposite direction at the same velocity. If they make side by side contact (Fig 2.1 .left) and the period of contact is adequate, the bonding property of this substance would manifest a bonding of the two units. If this occurs with the rotation moving in the same directions, (Fig 2.1 .right) the contact would probably result in the spheres deflecting off each other or under the right conditions, would cause their orientations to change prior to the bonding. Though it is not quite this simple in reality, this will be adequate for now.

This Absolute Bonding property of matter is "Self-affinity". This property is the essential property of matter that allows all particles and structures to form. All the bonding terms currently defined in chemistry and physics rely on this property to function. This also includes electrical and magnetic bonding. This is only the fundamental nature of the property; the behavior of self-affinity is influenced by the states of matter and its motion distribution of which the wave nature is a significant part of its function.

Absolute Motion:
There is only one pseudo new concept in the Toronic hypothesis that allows everything to function in harmony and makes all of nature’s magic tricks visible for all to see and understand. This is "Absolute Motion". This is not the absolute motion referred to when Einstein stated "Absolute Motion cannot be determined"; even though this too may be true of it. A form of Absolute Motion is expressed in many equations including Einstein's energy equation. Without this property of matter, all the conservation laws of physics that we have place so much faith in, would collapse and chaos would rein as ruler of the universe.

So what is nature’s big illusion of smoke and mirrors? Other than volume and self-affinity, Absolute Motion (Va) is the only other property of matter. It is a fixed quantity that defines the sum quantity of all motion types of a physical system or structure of matter. This motion consists of "Random Motion (Vr)” and “Uniform Motion (Vu)". Linear velocity and spin velocity are types of uniform motion whereas chaotic wave vibration interference is the random motion component and the nature of matter that is illusive to our senses and to our instrumentation. We have come to know this state of matter as a vacuum, space, or spacetime.

When we establish the product of uniform motion and the mass value of a body or object, we define the results as "Momentum". Since we do not have a means to detect Random Motion of matter to any degree of accuracy, we are unable to measure a mass value for quantities of matter in this state of randomized motion. There have been many attempts to define matter with only this form of motion; Vacuum energy, dark energy, and zero point energy are just a few of the more popular concepts.

The motion quantity of any system equates to "Absolute motion".
Va = Vr + Vu

It may seem like a simple equation (as was E=mc2) at this level, but when we try to incorporate "Time" and "Matter" into this equation along with the infinite variations and combinations of uniform and randomized motion, the complexity expands exponential. We enter a realm of which we start questioning the quantitative measurements of matter and energy themselves. Now we need to journey through the evolution of the universe from its start to its current state of structure and motion.


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    David, I am through section #3 and I am in total agreement with all you have said, and may I say very well expressed on your part.

    Since I have nothing to argue about, I can only ask for a further explanation for some of your terms. Could you explain in more detail the terms: "Self-affinity", and "wave vibration interference".
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    I have a number of problems with this section.. it would appear that Toronics and BVC are divergent at some fairly basic levels.