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  • 10 Theoretical Particles That Could Explain Everything

    ListVerse -- For ages, humankind has dug into the mysteries surrounding the exact composition of the universe. Ancient Greeks were the first to surmise the existence of atoms, which they believed to be the smallest particles in the universe—the “building blocks” of everything. For about 1,500 years, that was the most we knew about matter. Then, in 1897, the discovery of the electron left the scientific world in a shambles. Just as molecules were made of atoms, now the atoms appeared to have their own ingredients.

    And the deeper we looked, the more the answers seemed to flit through our fingertips, always out of reach. Even protons and neutrons—the building blocks of atoms—are made of ever-smaller pieces called quarks. Every discovery just seems to raise more questions. Are time and space just bundles and clusters of little charged crumbs too small to even see? Maybe—but then again, these ten theoretical particles could explain everything. If we could actually find them:

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    1. AntonioLao's Avatar
      AntonioLao -
      Among these 16 particles, only the gluons can still be theoretical (though indirectly detected as jets). The 15 others have been directly detected by high energy experiments. A future quantum theory of the spacetime continuum can show that gluons are not particles at all but trivectors or quanta of direction. The others are simply composites of spacetime charges called H-pluses and H-minuses, which are represented by square Hadamard matrices.
    1. jamison2000e's Avatar
      jamison2000e -
      Like my two year old with blocks just shaking branches. Why would everything have an opposite, kinda like saying there was only one "big bang"? P.s: still waiting for my hoverboard.
    1. matterdoc's Avatar
      matterdoc -
      In material world, existence of matter is the only real aspect. Where does matter exist in these particles?
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