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    ToeQuest sponsors a Quest for the Theory of Everything. We have ongoing research and discussions in four areas. Physics gives us a solid foundation in science. Philosophy can give us an ultimate, all-encompassing explanation of reality. Biology explains the human component and the limits of our ability to process and understand information. Spirit is a necessary component that allows us to widen the context to make sure all bases are covered.
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    this one or the other

    Albeit the physical investigations of the external world have been quite successful as testified by the recent experimental success of discovering the lower bound minimum energy resonance of the...

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    Re: Atomic Ignition---Contradictory-----

    [QUOTE=spacedout;186647] Propagation of a wave is funneled by the dimple in the chain of points on a time-line-continuum acting like a fabric that dimples concentrating the particle wave. QUOTE]

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    Re: The Word-a theory of everything


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    Re: Gravity-time and Gravity-space.

    TheQuantum Fabric of Space-Time

    "The smoothly warped space-time landscape that Einstein describedis like
    a painting bySalvador Dalí — seamless, unbroken, geometric.
    But the quantumparticles...

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