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    ToeQuest sponsors a Quest for the Theory of Everything. We have ongoing research and discussions in four areas. Physics gives us a solid foundation in science. Philosophy can give us an ultimate, all-encompassing explanation of reality. Biology explains the human component and the limits of our ability to process and understand information. Spirit is a necessary component that allows us to widen the context to make sure all bases are covered.
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    Re: Inform ToE

    A next re-post from other forum
    -Yea, there is an [Einstein’s – as many people say] definition of the time:

    “Time is what clocks show”.

    But if somebody gathers all...

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    Steve Agnew

    Re: Matter Time

    I am very impressed that you are still with me. Most do not consider matter time viable.

    Einstein's relativity was and continues to be very useful in many contexts. However, the treatment of...

    Steve Agnew Today, 12:05 AM Go to last post

    Void Between Time Lines/Levels/Great Circles?

    If we were to strictly follow the sequential pathway of my simple numerical sine-wave, turned inside-out, as the more complex sine-wave pattern set, and as I've assigned, or aligned with my...

    Rybo Yesterday, 10:03 AM Go to last post

    Re: Matter Time

    Thanks Steve for clearing up P^2c^2. Use c/c^2 = 2/4 = 1/2 to explain the manifold. Past to present movement of two straight rows as a wavefront will have the first step of the first row moved one...

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